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29th July 2016 at 7:32 pm

It’s my favourite month of the year – although Women’s Day is only celebrated as one day (9 August), us ladies have somehow managed to turn it into Women’s Month and I for one, am not complaining! I am also not complaining about African Pride Irene Country Lodge’s Awesome August Promotion as we are going to have everyone staying a little longer.

Destination Irene2

My Moo Club (moms with calves) and I have been anxiously awaiting August to roll around so we can take full advantage. At our latest get-together in the field opposite the barn, when we were supposed to be mooing over parenting tips and skills, instead all we could chat about was what Destination Irene has to offer us gals this month…

We’ve diarised the 3rd of August 2016 as our next Moo Club meeting but have secretly booked a Ladies Day Off Package at Camdeboo Day Spa (don’t tell the bulls!). I was so relieved to hear that the spa is open on both public holidays this month – 3 and 9 August – as only after making the booking did I realise it was voting day! I’ll be sure to cast my hoof vote early on the 3rd so I can make it back in time for my Ladies Day Off Ultimate Rejuvenation: a Milk Moisture Hand Ritual, Milk Moisture Foot Ritual, Tech Neck Massage as well as a Soothing Scalp and Face Massage. Some of the other moms in our group have opted for different packages available this month (Ladies Day Off Relaxation or Ladies Day Off Luxury) but we’ve all agreed that we will meet in the garden for the light meal with refreshments included in all the packages, so we can enjoy each other’s company.

The Bulls Club (apparently the dads need a club too!) were a little mooortified at the thought of looking after all the calves whilst we sneak off for the day but, as always, us moms have planned a fun morning so they don’t have to get their horns in a knot!

An outing to Irene Dairy Farm is always a winner – whilst the bulls enjoy a craft beer at The Barn Restaurant, the calves will be climbing the jungle gyms and exploring the rest of the farm. Again, I confirmed that the farm is open on both public holidays this month (what would the bulls do without us?).

We didn’t want our bulls to feel too left out (the men get a little jealous that we have a whole month dedicated to the ladies), so the Moo Club gals and I decided to treat them to a couples evening out at the Meadow Green Restaurant. Word in the fields is that they’ve just launched a new A La Carte Menu which I know Bill is going to be mooorse excited to try first hand. Our Local is Lekker evening is booked and we will certainly enjoy the experience of a little hearty fine dining in Destination Irene (Moother-in-law has agreed to babysit in exchange for a Ladies Day Off Package!).

Bill doesn’t know it, but I’ve also booked us a Romantic Rondezvous package at African Pride Irene Country Lodge for later in the month. After these cold, dry winter months of working hard in the fields, and because I love him so much, this romantic package is just what we need. Luxury accommodation with breakfast and a five course dinner in the Meadow Green Restaurant are all the standards we enjoy at African Pride Irene Country Lodge but what makes this one a little more romantic is the picnic lunch under the oak tree and the selected spa treatments at the Camdeboo Day Spa – I’m going to have one very happy bull!

We’ve been spreading the news of Women’s Month Destination Irene offerings through to neighbouring farms as, like all ladies, we love a good excuse to get spoilt.

Cheers to all the mooovelous ladies out there…

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