A Festive Feast

19th December 2017 at 8:20 am

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Upon opening my diary this morning, my milk production nearly went into overdrive! Just FIVE more days till Christmas – that’s mooorazy!

In true Dairy Cow family style, I suspect we will have all and sundry joining us for Christmas Day lunch! My mooother-in-law is sadly not as sharp as she used to be so when I called her this morning to discuss making a Destination Irene booking I had to remind her of the fantastic lunch we had last year at African Pride Irene Country Lodge...

In December 2016, with a barn full of family for the holidays, I soon realised that Christmas Lunch was going to be a mission of note! Bill and I love a good Christmas celebration and we felt we wanted to enjoy it to the max too, so we all agreed that the Meadow Green Restaurant would be our Christmas Day Lunch of choice.

Upon arrival we were ushered to our beautifully themed Christmas table complete with Christmas crackers and hats. The calves herded over to the kiddies entertainment area where they enjoyed the jumping castle, face painters and entertainers. Apart from having to pry them away to enjoy the spectacular traditional Christmas lunch spread, we didn’t see them again until it was time to leave.

The most memorable event of the day was Father Christmas sky diving onto the African Pride Irene Country Lodge lawn with treats for the calves in his sack.

A five-star meal with all the trimmings was most certainly enjoyed by all – a taste bud extravaganza to say the least. Starters, mains and desserts were aplenty and no-one went home hungry! In fact,  I think it filled most for the next day too as I only recall discussing making another meal two days after that.

Mooother-in-law quickly remembered once I reminded her of the fabulous family time we had, toasting to good health, happiness and the joy that Christmas time brings. She certainly recalls having an afternoon nap after enjoying the scrumptious meal that Meadow Green Restaurant offered.

We agreed that this upcoming Christmas lunch should be just as exciting and so I’ll be contacting them today.

She also reminded me that Irene Farm has a Christmas Lunch offering too so if I’m too late in getting space for us at the African Pride Irene Country Lodge’s Christmas Lunch options, I should try Irene Farm which promises to be just as wonderful. Hopefully they aren’t both already fully booked!

Now to get the numbers right – I’ll be in mooorse trouble if I leave anyone off the Christmas Lunch list…

Till Next Week,
The Dairy Cow




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