Sunday’s are the BEST at The Pasture

22nd August 2018 at 3:03 pm

Sundays are THE BEST!

Let’s be fair – it’s everyone’s favourite day of the week. Sundays were made for family, relaxation and mooost importantly… Sunday lunches!

Typically, Sundays are spent with me slaving away in the kitchen amongst bales of hay accompanied by various herbs and spices picked from our farmyard vegie garden, whilst the rest of the herd put their hooves up on the veranda and enjoy the view! Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook up a storm for my loved ones but every now and then I feel the urge to throw my tea towel at them – which more often than not results in me getting a Sunday off (too!). Mooosion accomplished!

Bill knows what THAT means and he expertly arranges my favourite Sunday Lunch spot every time. Irene Farm’s – The Pasture – naturally!

A few weeks ago, I had one of ‘those’ moments and sure enough, the very next day Sunday Lunch was booked.

With three very excited calves (they love a good day out on the farm), we arrived to a bustling restaurant vibe filled with laughter and chatter from all the patrons doing exactly what we were there to do, enjoy our Sunday lunch…

Within minutes the calves were gone, but not before asking our friendly waitress for delicious farm milkshakes to quench their thirst. Bill and I settled down with a crisp bottle of white wine, of course, and so our moootacular Sunday afternoon began.

With the mooouth watering aromas of home cooked food surrounding us, I didn’t wait long to check out the buffet before returning to our table with my first course. Freshly made salads that looked like the ingredients had just been hand-picked from the field, were a great start. Whilst sipping on my wine and watching the calves climbing the jungle gym, Bill and I took a moment to enjoy grazing at the same time! Usually one of us is trying to entice the youngest calf to eat whilst the other finishes up so that they can take over – a practice I believe is common in most households!

Back to the buffet for mains, this time with the calves in tow, and our eyes grew wide with the selection before us. Roast beef and gravy, seafood potjie, a great selection of vegies and loads more, what a treat. With our plates filled to the brim and our eyes probably bigger than our stomachs, we enjoyed our hearty Sunday Lunch meal around the table chattering about the school week ahead and projects that Bill has on the go.

Before we knew it the calves were off again, this time to look at the swans on the lake I believe, which left Bill and I with alone time to chat about more serious matters. I’m pleased to say that the upgrades will make Destination Irene even more enticing…

Not ones to skip dessert, and once our tummies had settled, we headed back to the buffet table for the most delicious treats. The calves had already been eyeing out the dessert spread before the mains so they had their minds set. With choices from divine malva pudding to cheesecake and fruit flan, let’s just say that we rolled on back to the barn!

For a family fun Sunday Lunch that can’t be beat, book your spot asap (a little tea towel tantrum might speed things along too!)…

Till Next Week

The Dairy Cow

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