Drinks at The Lakeside Bar at African Pride Irene Country Lodge

20th September 2017 at 2:39 pm

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Ladies day out

Our ladies get-togethers usually entail the trusty coffee club meeting at The Deck Restaurant but since our favourite cappuccinos are on hold for a bit whilst it receives a wonderful makeover, we decided to change things up and so we embarked on a ladies night out!

All beautied up and with our favourite earrings on, Mooria, Pertunia and I went online in search of options. Being the more mature kind since we all have calves and bulls at home, we decided that the younger options of clubs and pubs weren’t really our scene, however African Pride Irene Country Lodge’s Lakeside Bar seemed to be the ideal spot and so we herded off there for our much anticipated day out.

As we entered the Lakeside Bar the relaxed, festive atmosphere was immediately apparent with couples, groups of friends and families chattering away, enjoying a drink together.

Seating ourselves, we decided to start our day with a house cocktail – the Ridgeback. True to our waiter’s word, this was a most refreshing drink and it was well enjoyed by all three of us. Careful not to drink on an empty stomach, we decided to order a snack platter (which was more like dinner) with loads of biltong, chips, fruit and nuts. Munching away and sipping on our cocktails, we ladies enjoyed the next few hours of catching up…

Teenage calves and grumpy bulls were the main points of conversation as we had a few good stories, laughs and the odd serious point of view. What is said at the Lakeside Bar, stays in the Lakeside Bar!

Moving on to wine and ciders, Mooria commented on the wonderful décor that makes this place welcoming.  With the amazing lake views and different types of bird life, it felt like we were in the countryside.

Pertunia was more impressed with the friendliness and service of the staff. Welcoming smiles and great suggestions on drinks and the platter meant that our day was a breeze – even without our bulls around to take care of us.

After a couple of hours of having a good old natter, we decided it was probably a good time to return to our barns.

As much as we love our coffee club dates, I think we are going to throw in another ladies day out or two every now and then – the Lakeside Bar being the perfect spot. In fact, I think I should tell Bill that it’s a great spot for the bulls to get together too…

Till Next Week,
The Dairy Cow

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