Destination Irene August Newsletter 2018

31st July 2018 at 8:42 am

Because we’re worth it!

Believe it or not, August is here and with it comes Women’s Day (or month in our barn as I like to have it!). A month of well-deserved spoils and this year I’ve decided to not only spoil myself but also a few very special ladies in my life…

Of course, Destination Irene is my most favooourite place to be so I went in search of all things local in order to ensure the ladies I’ve chosen to spoil feel extra special.


Firstly, I’ve booked my mooother-in-law and sister-in-law into African Pride Irene Country Lodge, Autograph Collection ® for their Ultimate Shopping Package. Luxury accommodation in beautiful rooms with little extras that will make their stay memorable, they will love this overnight stay. A scrumptious breakfast buffet in the Meadow Green Restaurant before herding over to the Irene Farm for a little bit of decadent shopping the next morning will excite them even more. Armed with a 10% discount voucher as well as a voucher to the value of R100, they will surely pick up some scrumptious treats from The Deli that will be welcome delicacies for their herd’s at home.

Then, for my bestie, Moooria, I’ve booked the Women’s Month Spa Retreat at Camdeboo Day Spa. A 60 minute Camdeboo Full Body Massage followed by a relaxing Foot Ritual and a light lunch at just R1 100 per person and valid for the whole month of August 2018, Moooria is going to be the happiest cow in the fields (and Stan, her bull, will thank me later!).

A little spoil from me, to me, is a booking for my little herd at the Meadow Green Restaurant on Women’s Day, 9 August 2018. The standard lunch buffet for R275 per person, will mean I get the day off cooking and we can enjoy delicious food as well as each other’s company – that’s all a dairy cow ever really needs…

Afterwards we will probably stroll over to Irene Farm where Bill will do his daily inspection of the progress at The Barn. Word in the fields is that they are nearing completion and I know Bill already has a list of locals wanting to book not only breakfast and lunch options, but the beautiful new conferencing and private functions rooms too.

Best I put my hoooves up for this Women’s Month as once The Barn reopens, my husband will be on duty round the clock ensuring all runs smoothly and visitors are treated to the max.

As you can see, I’ve taken the feminist approach and made this Women’s (Day) Month not only about myself, but the other special ladies in my life too. Those that are there to listen to my moooaning, laugh with me at silly cow jokes and advise me on my growing calves. There are many more with whom I enjoy a good coffee date at The Deck, those whom I love strolling around the farm with, those whom I share a cocktail with at The River Bar and of course, those whom I love to book Camdeboo Day Spa treats with. Too many to mention!

That’s why ladies, armed with your Destination Irene information, I give you full permission to spoil yourselves this Women’s (Day) Month – because you are ALL worth it…

‘Till next time






Coffee Club at The Deck Restaurant

17th July 2018 at 3:54 pm


The Coffee Club

All too often us moms are so busy running around that we don’t have time to catch up with each other. Between school drop off and afternoon sports, we mooo ‘’Hello’’ in passing, meaning to ask more in-depth questions about one another’s lives but never getting the chance to do so.

Last week I decided that I’d had enough! Not only was I itching to know how all the calves were getting on in school but I was feeling the need for a good old natter! So my eldest calf helped me set up a Whatsapp group, named ‘The coffee club’ and before I knew it, we had added all the moms nearest and dearest to my heart. The moms I’ve built friendships with through our calves and the ones who are pretty much in the same head space as I am.

I decided that the most ideal spot to meet would be The Deck Restaurant at Irene Farm. Not only could we get an excellent coffee but for those that hadn’t had a chance to grab a bite to eat before rushing out the door (which is usually the case), there are great choices of breakfasts, lighter meals and treats.

Time for coffee

With the date and a 9am meeting time set, I found myself gleefully shipping the calves off to school that day, looking forward to my morning ahead.

As we were seated at The Deck Restaurant, our friendly waitress welcomed us and took our drinks order. The promise of perfectly made cappuccinos, lattes and teas had all of us chatting with excitement. The conversation went from jovial natter about the calves and their latest antics to a more serious tone of school reports and upcoming exams but all in all, we enjoyed a morning of good old catch up.

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At some point we decided that we were a little hungry and so orders of decadence were placed – a cheats breakfast whilst the bulls weren’t around! And if we are going to cheat, then we will do it properly! Yummy waffles dripping with syrup were the ultimate indulgence whilst others chose savoury scones (spinach, cheese and sweetcorn). Some of the moms opted for traditional scones which they thoroughly enjoyed with jam, cheese and Irene Farm’s famous cream and then there were those who happily welcomed a farmhouse breakfast.

Before we knew it half the morning had gone and we all had to get going. A few of us used the opportunity to grab some essentials and luxuries from The Deli before heading off for the afternoon rush.

I’m determined to make this a regular get-together – us mom’s need a good catch up over a fabulous coffee at least once a month.

Suffice to say, The Coffee Club’s next date is already diarised and we are all in agreement that The Deck Restaurant will continue to be our meeting spot. I, for one, am looking forward to becoming a regular there…

Till Next Week,
The Dairy Cow

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