African Pride Irene Country Lodge hosts the Ramcats Men in Wheelchairs Fishing Tournament

10th September 2016 at 7:15 pm

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Following on the past few year’s success, African Pride Irene Country Lodge is hosting the Ramcats, an organisation launched in 2002, is involved in various events regarding the disabled, focusing on people in wheelchairs again this year. Derived from the Afrikaans word Ramkats,which means an adventurous, brave and sometimes naughty boy, Ramcats assists wheelchair bound men, enjoy the outdoors in a safe wheelchair friendly environment.

“The celebration of fishing is more than just a sport; it is a wonderful playground where people with differences meet with the resultant effect of feeling good and making a difference. Our members want to be included in society and desire an active outdoor lifestyle,” says Ramcats organiser Gerard Smal.

The inland dam at the lodge is teeming with fish and due to their excellent habitat has outgrown their numbers. The dam has various fish species which include Carp, Lowveld Large-scale Yellow fish, Branded Tilapia, Redbreast Tilapia, and Mozambique Tilapia. The lodge, adjacent to the diary working farm, is a natural wonder that boasts a 250 species of bird life that can be discovered.
“This is a great initiative and we are proud to be associated with this tournament which provides these men with an opportunity to share in this wonderful sport while also enjoying the beauty of nature at this magnificent and serene lodge,” says sales and marketing executive for African Pride Hotels Robyn Ward.

Last year the tournament attracted 40 participants. Participants are from across Gauteng, Northwest and Limpopo.

“This activity brings people together and introduces new beginnings as a therapy to recover and rekindle feelings of wellness” concludes Smal.

For more information contact:

Contact Smal on 082 337 9064 or

It’s a springtime affair!

31st August 2016 at 2:00 pm

Spring is certainly in the air. Warmer weather, longer days and flowers in the fields are starting to bloom – this is surely everyone’s favourite time of year.

The last few weeks on the Irene Dairy Farm have been proof of it. The calves and I have welcomed so many visitors, young and old, as they’ve enjoyed lunch at The Barn Restaurant and strolled around our hood afterwards. Just yesterday my youngest, Daisy, asked me what the attraction was and I replied, “Us, of course!’’ Apart from the ‘Farm in the City’ feeling of relaxation and tranquility, it’s a fantastic place for the calves to run around and enjoy the warmer weather. And with the delicious deli treats for sale in the Irene Dairy Shop, my calves are tugging at my hooves every time they see a visitor pass by with something delicious to eat.

I’ve told Daisy (and the rest of my calves) to make sure they are on their best behaviour on 24 September 2016 as the Irene Dairy Farm will be celebrating Heritage Day/Braai Day with a Braai Buffet at The Barn Restaurant for just R194.95 per person. The farmyard will be filled with happy families – we all love a good excuse to braai!

Carnival HeaderLooking for somewhere to take the little ones this coming weekend, click for more information.

After spending most of our time indoors these past few months, Bill and I have arranged for Mooother-in-law to babysit next Friday evening so we can enjoy a long overdue date night. I think we will take a leisurely stroll across the road to African Pride Irene Country Lodge where we can enjoy the Lakeside area at Meadow Green Restaurant without any distractions (being the calves!). The warmer weather means we will be able to saviour the breathtaking sunset whilst sipping on our sundowners – it doesn’t get more romantic than that…

Speaking of romance, Spring time seems to be filled with new budding relationships. Bill was telling me just last night about a new bull in the field, Hank, who has the cows mooing with delight. Hank has his eye on Pertunia and apparently he’s booked the Spring into Summer promotion at African Pride Irene Country Lodge in an effort to mooo Pertunia’s love. He’s gone all out with this one as the package includes accommodation, breakfast and dinner in the Meadow Green Restaurant as well as a spa treatment to the value of R250 per person to use in the award winning Camdeboo Day Spa. It’s sure to help Hank win Pertunia’s heart and perhaps we will be hearing the sound of wedding bells in the fields before summer rolls around.

I love spring time on the farm – new romance, growing families and a renewed sense of being. I popped into Camdeboo Day Spa after overhearing some of the ladies enjoying tea at The Deck Restaurant on the weekend moooing about their Summer Glow promotion. It’s a SIX Timeless Skin Treatment followed by a taster ‘buff and go’ after which you can put your hooves up and enjoy a cup of tea as the whole treatment revolves around you – I’ve booked it. Summer is just around the corner and all the visitors to the Irene Dairy Farm are going to appreciate me looking my best when they whip out their cameras for a photograph. (It’s tough being the most photographed dairy cow on the farm!)

I don’t know about you, but I’m having a spring fling with Destination Irene (don’t tell Bill!).

Spring greetings


The Dairy Cow

THIS MONTH’S FOCUS:IreneCountryLodge-2286

DATE NIGHT @ Camdeboo Day Spa


Spend some quality time together indulging with one of our Date Night Offers. The treatments are ideal for couples, friends or family who would like to take some time out and enjoy a few precious moments together.

Click here for more information..

Hooves up for the ladies!…

29th July 2016 at 7:32 pm

It’s my favourite month of the year – although Women’s Day is only celebrated as one day (9 August), us ladies have somehow managed to turn it into Women’s Month and I for one, am not complaining! I am also not complaining about African Pride Irene Country Lodge’s Awesome August Promotion as we are going to have everyone staying a little longer.

Destination Irene2

My Moo Club (moms with calves) and I have been anxiously awaiting August to roll around so we can take full advantage. At our latest get-together in the field opposite the barn, when we were supposed to be mooing over parenting tips and skills, instead all we could chat about was what Destination Irene has to offer us gals this month…

We’ve diarised the 3rd of August 2016 as our next Moo Club meeting but have secretly booked a Ladies Day Off Package at Camdeboo Day Spa (don’t tell the bulls!). I was so relieved to hear that the spa is open on both public holidays this month – 3 and 9 August – as only after making the booking did I realise it was voting day! I’ll be sure to cast my hoof vote early on the 3rd so I can make it back in time for my Ladies Day Off Ultimate Rejuvenation: a Milk Moisture Hand Ritual, Milk Moisture Foot Ritual, Tech Neck Massage as well as a Soothing Scalp and Face Massage. Some of the other moms in our group have opted for different packages available this month (Ladies Day Off Relaxation or Ladies Day Off Luxury) but we’ve all agreed that we will meet in the garden for the light meal with refreshments included in all the packages, so we can enjoy each other’s company.

The Bulls Club (apparently the dads need a club too!) were a little mooortified at the thought of looking after all the calves whilst we sneak off for the day but, as always, us moms have planned a fun morning so they don’t have to get their horns in a knot!

An outing to Irene Dairy Farm is always a winner – whilst the bulls enjoy a craft beer at The Barn Restaurant, the calves will be climbing the jungle gyms and exploring the rest of the farm. Again, I confirmed that the farm is open on both public holidays this month (what would the bulls do without us?).

We didn’t want our bulls to feel too left out (the men get a little jealous that we have a whole month dedicated to the ladies), so the Moo Club gals and I decided to treat them to a couples evening out at the Meadow Green Restaurant. Word in the fields is that they’ve just launched a new A La Carte Menu which I know Bill is going to be mooorse excited to try first hand. Our Local is Lekker evening is booked and we will certainly enjoy the experience of a little hearty fine dining in Destination Irene (Moother-in-law has agreed to babysit in exchange for a Ladies Day Off Package!).

Bill doesn’t know it, but I’ve also booked us a Romantic Rondezvous package at African Pride Irene Country Lodge for later in the month. After these cold, dry winter months of working hard in the fields, and because I love him so much, this romantic package is just what we need. Luxury accommodation with breakfast and a five course dinner in the Meadow Green Restaurant are all the standards we enjoy at African Pride Irene Country Lodge but what makes this one a little more romantic is the picnic lunch under the oak tree and the selected spa treatments at the Camdeboo Day Spa – I’m going to have one very happy bull!

We’ve been spreading the news of Women’s Month Destination Irene offerings through to neighbouring farms as, like all ladies, we love a good excuse to get spoilt.

Cheers to all the mooovelous ladies out there…

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The Dairy Cow

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The Stall – Night Market @ SouthDowns

30th June 2016 at 1:03 pm

The Stall

To all of you who have been missing out on “The Stall” night market at Southdowns, here are the dates for the next few months for you to diarise!

30 June

28 July

25 August

29 September

27 October

24 November

Be sure not to miss out 🙂

And to anyone interested in exhibiting you are welcome to contact Stalls organiser, Gareth Christie on 072 155 3924


30th June 2016 at 12:46 pm


Conference in Centurion; Wedding Venue in Centurion; Conference Venue in Centurion; Teambuilding Venue in Centurion; Bridal Shower Venue in Centurion; Day Spa in Centurion; 1(61)

Oak Bar

Bring on the Gluwein! During the coming winter months this is the ideal place to cuddle up in front of the fire place.

Ideal for pre and post dinner drinks and one can sip away the night while enjoying one of the lodge’s light meal offerings.

Click here for more information..


Grazing our way through winter…

You either love it or hate it but one thing is for sure, winter means us ladies can hide a few extra kilos under our coats which is extremely useful when all the cold weather prompts comfort eating!

Mooira rang me last night to say that she would like to escape the cold weather in the Midlands (they moved to greener pastures earlier this year and yes, it’s even colder there!), so we’ve decided on a moovelous, well-deserved cows weekend. I caught a sneak peek at Camdeboo Day Spa’s Winter Bliss special and when I mentioned it to Mooira she was moorse excited. I mooed, ‘’Mooira, it’s a SIX Timeless Skin Treatment (great for our winter coats) followed by a Taster Buff & Go, then we will put our hooves up and enjoy a cup of tea with a slice of cake for only R835 per person,” and her response was, “Moofect!”

I’ve also mentioned the fact that vouchers for various packages for Camdeboo Day Spa can be bought online to Bill, in the hope that he and Stan (Mooira’s bull) would think to book some surprise spoils for their ladies – sometimes our men need a little nudge in the right direction!

Mooira was worried about leaving the herd behind as the calves will be on school holidays and Stan can’t really cope with them on his own, so they’ve decided to make a long weekend of it and take advantage of the Family Fun Getaway package that African Pride Irene Country Lodge still has on offer. The calves will have a complimentary interleading room and they eat breakfast for free.

As I mentioned earlier, this winter weather makes us hungrier than usual but as always, at Destination Irene we are spoilt for choice… on the menu for our weekend:

The African Pride Irene Country Lodge Buffet Breakfast is a scrumptious way to start any winter day. Home roasted plunger coffee or a pot of international tea served at the table on arrival will do well for a start. Bill also suggested it to Stan as a great venue for ‘potential new business’ breakfast meetings whilst he’s here.


Lunch time is a breeze with the Irene Dairy Farm offering a great lunch menu so Mooira and I can ensure everyone is well fed. The calves will run around whilst the fresh winter air and warm winter sun will do them good.

Friday evening (4pm to 7pm) we will be tucking into the BBQ Lakeside Special Menu. (Also available on Saturdays from 11am to 7pm.)  A unique American-Style BBQ prepared by Executive Chef, Hanroe Erasmus, who acquired his skills from travelling and cooking in the USA, with a selection of the finest Craft beers – Bill and Stan are going to love this evening out.

Saturday Night Live promotions at Meadow Green Restaurant are the perfect night out where the entire buffet is a Chefs theatre – you can see the food being freshly made, plated and served. Bill is especially impressed by the spectacular range of wines on offer by the glass from the vinoteque walk-in cellar. Saturday night… sorted.

Before Mooira and her herd head home, Sunday Lunch (Meadow Green Restaurant from 1pm to 3pm) is booked.Mooira and I aren’t too worried about the extra kilos under our coats, that’s what spring time resolutions are for!

Keep warm everyone… till next month!


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Celebrating MOOtastic fathers this June

1st June 2016 at 10:46 am

HOT Rock for Men DL

I’m sure all the MOOthers out there enjoyed MOOther’s Day just as much as I did this year. Not only were all my wishes for a fun-filled Destination Irene experience fulfilled, but Bill went the extra field and treated me with an additional Camdeboo Day Spa Voucher which I will probably use during the winter to ensure my coat gets the treatment it deserves in this cold weather. I returned to my MOOtherly duties the next week feeling MOOrse relaxed and the delicious milk I produced was proof thereof.

After another busy day of grazing in the pastures yesterday, I arrived at the barn only to find a note attached to my bale of hay: MOOve over Mom – June is Daddy’s turn for spoils! No doubt Bill had something to do with my calves reminding me that 19 June 2016 is Father’s Day…

Attached to the note was a list of activities that Destination Irene has on offer, proof that it’s not only me that loves this destination, and I was so excited to see that there are so many ways to spoil Bill on this special day.

African Pride Irene Country Lodge is still running their Family Fun Promotion. Bill and I love to get away from the calves every now and then but when we do, they always MOOan that they are being left out. If I book this promotion, the calves will enjoy the weekend as much as we will. The package includes accommodation, a complimentary interleading room so the calves don’t feel completely alone, scrumptious full breakfast buffet for all of us and two hours of calf-minding services to ensure Bill and I can have a quiet romantic dinner.

Family Fun Winter 2016

But then I saw that Meadow Green Restaurant is offering a Father’s Day Lunch and I got even more excited. MOO’s around the pastures have been that Meadow Green Restaurant has recently launched a Smoked BBQ Menu within their buffet and I know that Bill would just be over the MOOn if he could get a taste of that. At R350 per person, this lunch is sure to win Bill’s heart over especially since it includes a welcome drink for Dad’s on arrival and a craft beer voucher for them to redeem at any point during the lunch.

Father's Day DL 2016

Of course, Bill won’t openly admit it to the other bulls in the field but he’s a fan of Camdeboo Day Spa and this Father’s Day I’ll be sure to include a Hot Rock for Men treatment in his bag of gifts. A self-heating sugar back scrub with steam, 30 minute back, neck and shoulder massage with hot rocks and an application of a muscle relief gel for circulation will certainly do. I think I’ll sneak in an extra voucher too so he can join me when I book to relax and rejuvenate my winter coat.

IF - Father's Day DL1

Oops, I nearly forgot father-in-law! I know how much he loves the Irene Dairy Farm and their Father’s Day Lunch Buffet looks MOOlicious. For just R239.95 per person (R119.95 for calves under 12 years old and calves under 6 years old are free), the menu includes salads, veggies, seafood, carveries and everyone’s favourite, dessert. Dads will also get a gift – 1l of farm fresh milk which they will certainly enjoy.


  1. A Family Fun Weekend Getaway for a Family of four at African Pride Irene Country Lodge
    2. A Romantic Date Night for Two at the Camdeboo Day Spa
    3. A Sunday Lunch for four at the Irene Dairy Farm
    See below for competition details.


With so MOOny options, I’m going to have to hit the hay and sleep on what to choose. At least I know that whatever we end up booking for Father’s Day, Bill is going to love being spoilt at Destination Irene.

Wishing all Dad’s a MOOtastic Father’s Day…

The Dairy Cow

The Dairy Cow


Irene Country Lodge BIG Logo

Competition 1

Win: A Family Fun Weekend Getaway for a family of four at African Pride Irene Country Lodge by simply answering the below question below on their  Facebook Page 

Question: Name our new incredibly unique and delicious offering available at Lakeside on Friday and Saturday? 

Answer: Click here to post your answer

Camdeboo Logo updatedCompetition 2

Win: A Romantic Date Night for Two in front of our warm fire in the Camdeboo Day Spa, by  simply answering the simple question on their Facebook page

Question: Name any one of the retail products sold in our Camdeboo Day Spa

Answer: Click here to post your answer

CIrene Farm Logoompetition 3

Win: You can win a Sunday Lunch for four at the Irene Dairy Farm by simply answering the simple question on their  Facebook page:

Question: Tell us what type of milk our Dairy Cows produce? 

Answer: Click here to post your answer


Congratulations to last month’s winners!

African Pride Irene Country Lodge – A delicious Sunday Lunch Buffet for two

Frank Montgomery 

Camdeboo Day Spa – Hot Rock for Men

Debbie Abrahams Roodt

Irene Dairy Farm –  R200 voucher to spend at the Irene Farm shop

Raymond Antoncich 

Please send an email to to claim your prize!!! 


African Pride Irene Country Lodge’s Day Spa Named One of the Best by World Luxury Spa Awards 2015

1st June 2015 at 7:00 pm

African Pride Irene Country Lodge’s Camdeboo Day Spa has been named Best Luxury Hotel Spa and Best Luxury Day Spa in the 2015 World Luxury Spa Awards Country Winners category. Voted by guests and industry consultants over the past year this prestigious award is only given to the most exceptional establishments.

Nicholas Barenblatt, Group Marketing Manager, Protea Hotels and African Pride Hotels, said of this achievement “The commitment and work that the team at the Camdeboo Day Spa have shown over the past year is inspirational. Meticulous attention to detail, instinctive and intuitive service and dedication has seen this team reach new heights of success in this competitive industry.”

Recently appointed manager of Camdeboo Day Spa at African Pride Irene Country Lodge, Lina Phetla epitomises the luxury spa she manages, she’s serene yet vibrant, balanced and in control. Her secret, she believes lies in harmonizing and reconnecting both body and mind.

“With the stresses of modern day living, I firmly believe in regularly taking time to switch off and recharge both physically and mentally to keep life in equilibrium,” says Phetla.

She said the ethos of Camdeboo Day Spa is to provide guests with a calm, beautiful setting as well as expert therapists to enable complete rejuvenation and revitalisation.

Expanding the spa and refreshing the spa’s offering is an exciting task for the 32 year old who has been involved in the beauty and spa business for a decade. Before her latest appointment she was the head therapist at Camdeboo Day Spa.

A motivated, cheerful individual with a great sense of humour, Phetla looks forward to spreading awareness about the therapeutic benefits of spa treatments and helping guests unwind and rejuvenate, achieving ultimate wellbeing.

African Pride Irene Country Lodge is proud of the latest accolade garnered by the Camdeboo Day Spa. This sets a new benchmark of excellence and will ensure that guests at the African Pride Irene Country Lodge have the best spa experience possible.

2015 Spa Winner Logo copy (5)

SAAF Museum Airshow – 9 May 2015

8th May 2015 at 12:04 am

Airshow - 9 May

Air Force Base Zwartkops

» Saturday, 09 May 2015 @ 07:00am
» Tickets Adult/Child over 12 yrs: R50

The annual SAAF Museum Air Show has been scheduled and has been approved to take place on 9 May 2015.

This Air Show has proved to be a favourite on the annual Air Show calendar and has been awarded the Best South African Air Show for 2011, 2012 and third position in 2013, 2014 by the Aero Club of South Africa.

The Paramount Group SAAF Museum Air Show is known to attract up to 35 000 spectators and is a not to miss event for aviation enthusiasts.

We present a family atmosphere and costs are therefore kept affordable to promote attendance.

Children under the age of 12 enter free of charge.

Firearms and bottles are prohibited in the venue.

Gates open at 07:00 am.


Employee wins car @ African Pride Irene Country Lodge

1st May 2015 at 12:51 am

Every year the staff at African Pride Irene Country Lodge works hard through the year to earn merit points on a merit system; they could then qualify and become one of the top 20 lucky employees to stand a chance to win a brand new car. No Management are eligible for this award. Herewith then the ceremony of this year’s staff merit award and congratulations to Robert Chauke who is this year’s winner and drives away with a brand new Chevrolet Spark!

The whole Merit Award Ceremony: 

Just the final:

Some pictures taken during the event:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Wedding Showcase – 27 April 2015

30th April 2015 at 3:32 pm

On Monday 27 April African Pride Irene Country Lodge put on an amazing showcase for potential brides and grooms wanting to use the lodge for their wedding. It was an amazing day and thank you to all the suppliers, exhibitors and visitors who contributed towards the success of their very first Wedding Showcase .

It was a beautiful day filled with lots of excitement, live entertainment and a show- stopping Fashion Show by Godly Weddings.

Wedding Showcase - 27 April 2015

The Winning Couple – Congratulations!

Bridal Couples got to meet many exhibitors on the day which included; florists, event planners, entertainment, bridal wear, hair & beauty, videographers and much, much more. Herewith the list of exhibitors in case you did not make it on the day, click here…

Many prizes were also given away including an amazing Wedding at African Pride Irene Country Lodge to the value of R60000. Once again we would like to congratulate David Fernandes and his partner (soon to be wife) on winning this amazing prize. We cannot wait to host your special day at our property!!!

Don’t miss out on our next Showcase taking place on 24 September 2015. Make sure you take full advantage of this golden opportunity to come and chat to us about planning your perfect wedding.

Below was some of the suppliers, exhibitors and visitors visiting our little village!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Wedding Showcase – 27 April 2015

25th April 2015 at 8:17 pm

Wedding Showcase DL White backWedding Showcase image3

Planning a Wedding?

At the showcase you will meet many exhibitors including florists, event planners, entertainment, bridal wear, hair & beauty specialist, photographers, videographers and much, much more!

For the full list of exhibitors, please click here…Wedding Showcase image2

This showcase will include the latest designs in bridal wear, accessories.

Read more about the day! Click here for the full layout of the day...

Our prizes are: WIN a wedding to the value of R60 000 as well as 30 other amazing other prizes up for grabs from photo & video shoots, bridal workshops, cake prizes, flower prizes,

Wedding Showcase Image5accommodation prizes, discount vouchers, beauty products, jewellery, spa vouchers and lots more.

On the day we will be having live bands playing on our main stage, a fashion show @ 13:00, free skin analyses at our spa, lovely food options to choose from, a beer tent, kids activities and Wedding Showcase Individual Flyermuch more fun. So even if you are not getting married and/or already married bring your family or friends, but come and enjoy the public holiday with us! We have something for every one.

However please note one thing we are a CASHLESS ENVIRONMENT and that means we do not take any cash or have any cash on our property, but all credit and debit cards are welcome. Thank you and look forward to seeing you there!Wedding Showcase image2

All the prizes to be won:
Stand a chance to WIN BIG on the day by entering into our amazing competition:
1. A wedding at African Pride Irene Country Lodge worth R 60 000 terms and conditions apply.
2. Two tickets to the next amazing African Wedding Showcase image3Embrace Bridal Workshop worth R 6 000.
3. A wedding planning package from Innovative Events to the value of R 6000.
4. A busker & DJ Package from Sonic State Production to the value of R 3500.
5. A couple photo-shoot from McLennans to the value of R 3500.Wedding Showcase Individual Flyer
6. A free consultation from Kolletjies Haas to the value of R 1500 inclusive of a R 500 voucher for décor hire. To see the full list of prizes, click here…

Main Stage Agenda:

10:00 Wedding Showcase Opening & Welcome
Havana Gas performing live
11:00 Prize Draw for spot prizesWedding Showcase image2
13:00 Fashion Show
14:00 Do Live performing live

Many fabulous prizes to be won on the day.

Easter Sunday Lunch – 5 April 2015

16th March 2015 at 5:24 pm

On your arrival, indulge in a delicious Chocolate Chip Martini for Adults and a Strawberry or Chocolate Mini Shake for the Kids.

For lunch we are serving our talented Chef’s Speciality Easter Buffet, packed with old hearty favourites and delicious over the top chocolate indulgence accompanied by the enchanting piano tunes of our resident pianist.

A fun filled day is expected for all, with a kiddies Easter egg hunt and a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny.

Click on the link below to

Valentine’s Dinner – 14 February 2015

26th January 2015 at 6:24 pm

If you wish to wine, dine and romance your Valentine, then look no further than African Pride Irene Country Lodge. They offer you the choice of two magical settings for an unforgettable evening of romance.

Click here to read more….

Ah, Valentine’s Day ‘romance’ abounds…

Book Now!

Jacaranda FM and SPAR Carols by Candlelight

27th November 2014 at 6:04 pm

Join us on the 2nd and 4th December 2014 as we usher in the Christmas spirit with the incredible sounds of some of South Africa’s favourite musicians!


Bring festive cheer to your loved ones on 02 December at the Jacaranda FM and SPAR Carols by Candlelight. The Coca-Cola dome is transformed into a Christmas paradise, with fairy lighting and Christmas décor setting the stage for some of South Africa’s top performing artist acts including; Kurt Darren, Nianell, Jay, Connel Cruise, Nadine, Khaya, The Mzansi Youth Choir, Matthys Maree and Brendon Ross.

Children are entertained with face painters and jumping castles in the SPAR kiddie’s area; whilst some parents and kids boisterously echo Christmas carols being performed throughout the evening.

Entrance is free but we are requesting families to bring a toy which will be donated to underprivileged children.

Carols Centurion

Date: 4 December 2014

Venue: SuperSport Park, Centurion

Time: Gates open 4pm, Show starts 7pm

Line up:

Kurt Darren



Connel Cruise



Mzansi Youth Choir

Mattthys Maree and Brendon Ross

Important info:

– Picnic baskets are allowed (no glass, sharp objects or hard liquor)

– No gazebos or umbrellas

– Bring along your picnic blanket or camping chairs

– Purchase your songbook @R10 and candle @R25 or both for only R50 on the day. All proceeds go towards the Jacaranda FM Good Morning Angels Fund

– Kiddies area by SPAR

– Meet some of your favourite Jacaranda FM Presenters

This could be the perfect view to wake u

23rd November 2014 at 4:01 pm

This could be the perfect view to wake up to every morning, book your stay at African Pride Irene Country Lodge this festive season!

The perfect sunset, the perfect location

22nd November 2014 at 3:30 pm

The perfect sunset, the perfect location and most definitely the most perfect place to stay, African Pride Irene Country Lodge!

At African Pride Irene Country Lodge we

17th November 2014 at 3:31 pm

At African Pride Irene Country Lodge we even accommodate for the young ones, try our family package!

Let’s start the New Year with a Braai Bu

16th November 2014 at 3:01 pm

Let’s start the New Year with a Braai Buffet

Spend the last day of the year with us a

15th November 2014 at 3:01 pm

Spend the last day of the year with us at African pride and lets have a toasting together to the new Year to come.

Join us on the Day of Goodwill, bring th

14th November 2014 at 3:01 pm

Join us on the Day of Goodwill, bring the whole family and come enjoy a true braai buffet!

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