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Do you remember when milk was delivered to your door and the cream rose the top?

Well then look no further than The Deli! still renowned for its certified raw full cream milk, the shop offers low fat and fat-free milk too. Our famed fresh rich thick cream is also available every day.

The Deli is open 365 days a year as we wouldn’t want you to miss out our favorite treats when enjoying the company of your family on public holidays and weekends. Open from 08h00 till 18h00, we sell a wide range of exclusive goodies.

we have listed just a few here, but you are welcome to come through anytime to see(and taste) for yourself.

  • A wide range of homemade cookies, rusks, cakes, sweet loaves and the best milk tart in town
  • Irene  Farm Famous homemade pies and lunch sandwiches.
  • Locally cured biltong and dry wors.
  • Variations of ice cream, slush puppies, and fresh popcorn to enjoy on the farm or on the go.
  • Homemade jams, pickles, relishes and a large range of peels honey and fresh honeycomb
  • A wide range of imported local cheeses as well as cold meats.
  • Kinds of pasta and pasta sauces.
  • A health section including wheat and gluten-free products.
  • A varied selection of coffees,(beans and ground) and teas as well as iced coffees.
  • assorted beverages including Frankie’s old-fashioned range, homemade ginger beer, Elgin iced teas and fresh fruit juices.
  • Assorted sweet treats for young and old.