Hello 2017!

4th January 2017 at 1:54 pm

Christmas on the farm was a mooovalous affair. With loads of families, friends and out-of-town visitors paying us a visit, our days were filled with photo bombs, scrumptious smells from all the delicious food coming out of The Barn Restaurant as well as The Deck Restaurant and the sounds of happy calves as they played all day long.

As most of us are getting use to the New Year with enthusiasm, my neighbour, Mildred Milky popped in for a cup of milk this morning and a chat. She says her family have enjoyed the African Pride Irene Country Lodge Family Fun Package so much that they have extended their stay. Her sister-in-law mooo’d so much about the fantastic kiddies programme that we even sent our calves over for a day of fun – and by the sounds of it, they enjoyed every minute.

Mildred and I are planning to have a few drinks at the Lakeside Bar over the next few days as Mildred’s family will be heading home today – although I don’t think it will be too long before we see them again. Mildred’s in-laws are celebrating 30 years of moooriage mid-January and her moother-in-law is insisting on a Camdeboo Spa Date Night with her father-in-law as part of their celebrations.

Once we all return to normal farm life, it’s still a week or two before the calves return to school. Irene Dairy Farm and African Pride Irene Country Lodge are still the best destinations in Irene. As they have done throughout the Festive Season, The Barn Restaurant and The Deck Restaurant are still the best places in town as the calves get to play whilst us adults can relax. So whether it’s a breakfast, morning tea, lunch or afternoon snack that I need to fit in one last time before the New Year really kicks in, I’m sorted.

Bill mentioned this morning that he needs a break after this break, so I think a treatment at Camdeboo Day Spa coupled with a romantic evening at African Pride Irene Country Lodge, including dinner at the Meadow Green Restaurant should do the trick. Destination Irene will be giving us a great start to our New Year.

One of the visiting photographer – @rumin0 shared these beautiful pictures with us during the holidays, thank you they are just amazing!


We look forward to sharing a wonderful year ahead with all of you.

‘Till next month