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23rd May 2012 at 1:09 pm

Irene Dairy Farm | SA Experience-it#.T6Gjfzk2RPs.twitter.

Irene Dairy Farm

The Irene Dairy Farm is like a “Diamond in the rough”. A breath of fresh air in the middle of bustling City life, or shall we say genuine farm smelling air with the laid back atmosphere of an age old working cow farm.

There is a lovely deli where you can get yummy products to eat, and the restaurant offers seating on a deck or under trees in the garden where you can watch and absorb the outdoor feeling of being amongst the animals.

While the cattle and chickens carry on with their daily routine the children can roam around the farm and play on old farm implements scattered around the farm and watch as the young calves frolic in the setting sun as their mothers are lead to the milking shed to relieve their laden udders.

The many ponds are scattered with feeding ducks going “bottoms up” in unison and the swans gracefully glide around on the water like regal ice skaters.

A walk around the farm is definitely revitalizing and food for the soul. This is a wonderful place for city children to experience a little bit of farm life.