Magic mani’s and perfect pedi’s at Camdeboo Day Spa

9th November 2017 at 7:42 am

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Warmer weather resonates with flip flops, open toed high heels and when visiting African Pride Irene Country Lodge, kicking off your shoes to walk in their lush green grass by the lake!

As most ladies do, I love having well-groomed hooves and hands so when summer rolls around, I waste no time ensuring my Camdeboo Day Spa date is set.

Time spent at Camdeboo Day Spa should always be a treat worth sharing and when I decided to book my monthly pamper for the warmer weather, I decided to ask Mooira to join me. Of course, she was only too pleased to come along and together we arrived for what would be a fabulous besties catch up.

Greeted by the friendly staff, we enjoyed a home-made iced tea whilst our therapist presented us with an array of colours to choose from for our mani and pedi bookings. Deciding that the more neutral and dark colours are better suited to the winter months, Mooira opted for a lovely pastel purple whilst I went for my favourite – turquoise.

After being taken through to a double treatment room, we then spent the next two hours catching up on the most recent events in our lives. All the while our lovely therapists scrubbed, rubbed, pampered and prettied our hooves and hands. Afterwards, with our beautiful new nails, we headed over to the garden to enjoy lunch under the trees.

Presented with delicious lunch options such as open sandwiches and scrumptious salads, Mooira and I enjoyed a cocktail before tucking into our beautifully presented meals.

Even though we had chatted all the way through our treatments, the chin wagging continued well into the afternoon as we exchanged stories of our calves and bulls. Mooira commented on how relaxing the setting was and how she would definitely be returning.

Thank goodness, we had arranged for the calves to be taken care of for the afternoon as our day spent enjoying the peace and serenity Camdeboo Day Spa exudes meant that we were completely unaware of the time.

A few cappuccinos and lots of laughter later, this was one of my most favourite get-togethers with my bestie yet!

I made sure my next mani and pedi appointment was booked before leaving, and Mooira did the same. I’m looking forward to showing off my well treated nails as the weather continues to warms up and I’ll be sure to pick an even brighter colour in preparation for our annual beach holiday.

Not only did I get prettied up on my visit to Camdeboo Day Spa but I got to spend it catching up with my bestie, Mooira – now that’s priceless!

Be sure to book your little R & R for our hooves and hands at Camdeboo Day Spa whether it’s on your own or with a friend – because everyone’s nails should be enjoying summer as much as ours are!

Till Next Week,
The Dairy Cow