My Hero

26th July 2013 at 6:17 pm

This is Prince, our trusted security guard who protects us all here at the Irene Dairy Farm.


I am sure all of the regular Irene Farm Visitors all know Prince; this good hearted and brave security guard is always friendly, attentive and willing to help.

On Saturday 15 June 2013, Prince was doing his normal routine walk, when he saw 4 suspicious people sitting in a bakkie in the parking lot.  He then realised that they have been sitting there for a long time, so without hesitation he decided to see what they were up to.

To his surprise he saw that the suspicious looking people were now split and one of them was sitting in a different car where he appeared to be struggling with something.  When this person saw Prince, he quickly got out of the car which did not belong to him and jumped back onto the bakkie.

Moooweee! Luckily Prince immediately realised what was happening and as the bakkie sped off, Prince made his way towards the gate to close it – preventing them from getting away. Unfortunately he did not manage to get to the gate in time, as he slipped and fell and they almost drove over his leg.

I know this is not the first time Prince has prevented something bad from happening.  If it was not for my MOOraculous prince charming, those skelms would have surely gotten away!

This event however completely took my breath away and made me realise what a brave security guard, Prince is!

Thank you Prince! I am looking forward to MOOoony more years of you keeping me safe!

happy cow

Moo, moo, moving on!