Pre-wedding PARTY at The Barn Restaurant

5th October 2017 at 2:10 pm

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Since as long as can be remembered, one of the most exciting events leading up to the BIG DAY is the ever popular Kitchen Tea. As with most things in modern times, the traditional Kitchen Tea of presenting the bride an item for her kitchen within which she is expected to cook many happy meals for her groom has long changed. Today’s Kitchen Tea celebrations are far more sophisticated (and sometimes naughty!).

Celebrations at Irene Farm are always a joyous occasion and so the impending nuptials of Pertunia to Hank have many tongues wagging in the fields. With what is said to be the biggest celebration of the year, donned with all the bells and whistles, we are all very excited to attend. And I’ll certainly report back to my followers after the fact – no need for FOMO friends!

Mooria was tasked with the exciting job of arranging Pertunia’s Kitchen Tea (to be a surprise, of course) and the first thing she did was head over to the lovely functions planning lady at Irene Farm. Together they discussed the various options and settled on an outdoor booking at The Barn Restaurant where the ladies can chat away for the afternoon.

The menu choices were a little more daunting as everything looked so delicious. After much deliberation, Mooria settled on the tea and cake menu with savoury sandwiches, a baked cheesecake and a decadent chocolate fudge cake. Naturally, famous Irene Farm scones were on the table too with delicious jams and the ever popular double thick Irene Farm cream.

We were all asked to arrive a half hour early, where we were met by the lovely staff who ushered us to our booked tables all beautifully laid for an afternoon of high tea. As a gift to the bride-to-be, Mooria suggested a recipe from each of the guests with the ingredients so that Pertunia could build up her recipe collection and practice before becoming Hank’s barnwife. Not too far off from a traditional gift but with its own personal twist. The younger crowd obliged but I did hear rumours of a more raucous party planned for the evening for which the local night clubs would be their destination. Us ‘older’ mooo’s were more than happy with our sophisticated Kitchen Tea option.

Pertunia arrived on time, screeching with delight and joy at the surprise of her much deserved celebration. Once seated and armed with a cake fork, she politely dished a slice for everyone. Many teas and cappuccinos later, after much laughter, stories and blessing wishes, Pertunia headed back to her barn with bags of ingredients and age old recipes that will surely keep Hank a well-fed bull.

Thanks to The Barn Restaurant, our Kitchen Tea celebration was one for the memory books. I’m guessing we might be hosting a Stork Tea there in the not too distant future! Honeymoon babies are always a welcome surprise…

Till next week,
The Dairy Cow